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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Reflections on Digital-Physical Mashups

Last night Tim Kindberg gave a very interesting talk on the subject of 'digital-physical mashups', connecting the real world with the online world through QR codes and radio frequency identification (RFID). However, whilst chatting over drinks and nibbles with some people afterwards, some rather disturbing news emerged: my days as the number one QR code model (according to Google images) are numbered.

Whilst my blue QR t-shirt has successfully fought off competition from the Sun's Keeley , the general consensus was that it would eventually lose out in a battle with Kelly Brook and the Pepsi campaign.

Losing such a battle would be particularly unfair considering Kelly's rather simplistic description of QR codes:
"you take a picture on your phone and it takes you straight to a web site"
...not that I'm bitter at all.


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